Meet the ReStore team of volunteers, be inspired by upcycling projects, have a go and see how easy it is to repurpose common household items and give them a new lease of life. Find out how you can donate anything from your leftover paint to your old kitchen.

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Meet the volunteers

Habitat for Humanity ReStore will be at the show all weekend.  We will teach you how to do a simple upcycle and give you ideas on how we can reuse all sorts of different materials in our homes.

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Volunteer or Donate

Lisburn and Ballymena

Newry and Newtownards

The key community benefits are:

Low income families have access to low cost home improvement materials

Opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to learn new skills, build positive relationships and improve well being

Tons of material diverted from landfill protecting the environment

ReStore is a unique, holistic workplace; where everybody has something to contribute and something to gain from serving the wider community.

Since opening the first ReStore in Europe just over 8 years ago in Lisburn, there are now 4 stores in Northern Ireland which demonstrate significant impact for local people and the wider community. In 2022 Habitat opened the first ReStore in the Republic of Ireland at Unit 8, Donore Industrial Park, Donore Rd, Drogheda.

The government has key targets for recycling and waste reduction; ReStore provides an opportunity to deliver on the ‘Green agenda’ and advocate for a more sustainable future. ReStore provides a platform for companies to be more socially and environmentally responsible. Materials donated are not further processed, but reused, which is a significant advantage for the environment.

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