Join us as Chef Jack O’Keeffe takes the stage and cooks up a storm with three daily demonstrations, featuring plenty of audience interaction and excitement. We are also thrilled to welcome Liam McEvoy from Lean Supper Club together with future star chefs Kristen Nugent, Michael Thompson & Mollie Sloan as our guests. You won’t want to miss this unforgettable event!

11am - 12 Noon
All About Pasta with Jack O'Keeffe

Pasta 1: Nduja Pici Carbonara
Pasta 2: Ricotta & Herb Tortellini
Pasta 3: Sausage & Ale Cortecce

12 Noon - 1pm
Liam from Lean Supper Club

1pm - 2pm
Steak Dinner Party with Jack O'Keeffe

Beef Tartare, Pea Salsa, Allotment Pickles, Radish, Local Cheddar, and Irish Rapeseed
Cast Iron Seared T-Bone Steak, Cannellini Beans, Cavelnero and Scallions

2.15pm -3.15pm
Springboard FutureChef
Kristen Nugent, Michael Thompson & Mollie Sloan

3.30pm - 4.30pm
Friday Night Pizza with Jack O'Keeffe

Cheesy Grandma Pepperoni Pizza with Homemade Pizza Sauce and Jacks Kinda-Caesar Salad

Jack O’Keeffe

Former Head Chef of one of Ireland’s top cookery schools and having worked in some of the countries top restaurants has led Jack to the current position of Executive Head Chef at one of Ireland’s leading food and restaurant groups along with being a regular on Ireland AM – Ireland’s longest running morning talk show. Jack has an impressive collection of foodie accolades, but as he says himself, “I just love food, everything I love revolves around taste”. Jack believes that food is the greatest catalyst in the world for conversation, whether it’s oysters on a rain soaked beach in Connemara to a bowl of baba ghanoush in sun bleached Lebanon.

Liam McEvoy

With a true love for health and fitness, Liam found himself making his own meals at home that he couldn’t get anywhere else, nor would he serve in a restaurant. Seeing the gap in the market for a truly flavoursome healthy meal company, Lean Supper Club was born. With an expanding range of flavoursome meals that have disrupted the fast-food market, in shops and forecourts around Ireland, this has seen the Lean Supper Club brand grow from feeding children, athletes, gym enthusiasts, business professionals and everyone else in between. The Lean Supper Club operates a ‘No cheat meal needed’ mentality, why?… because Food First Always!!
Cooking: Classic Chicken Curry with a Twist & Thai Chicken Noodle Salad

Kristen Nugent

Kristen Nugent is a 15-year-old student at St. Ciaran’s College, Ballygawley. During lockdown, Kristen interest in savory food and cooking grew, and she discovered a passion for it. Kristen was fortunate to participate in the Futurechef competition for the past two years. With guidance from chef James Devine,she won the 2023 UK National Futurechef Final in London. Kristen’s family and a close friend inspired her, showing that simple ingredients can create incredible dishes. If you’re interested in food and cooking, Futurechef is highly recommended as it boosts confidence and introduces new cooking styles. Give it a try if you’re considering a career in the industry.
Cooking: Chocolate Cake, Carmelised Banana, Vanilla Cream and Salted Toffee Sauce

Mollie Sloan

Mollie is a year 11 student at Methodist College in Belfast. She is currently studying for her GCSE exams, one of which is Food and Nutrition where she enjoys learning about the fundamentals of nutrition and develops her practical cookery skills. Outside school she is heavily involved in local theatre groups and dancing schools. Mollie was mentored by 2Taps head chef, Artur Fron through the Springboard FutureChef programme and was a finalist in the Northern Ireland finals (2023). She hopes to work in the Food/Catering industry in the future after completing her studies.
Cooking: Creamy tagliatelle with chicken / chorizo

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson is a chef in training. He is at the early stage of eagerly gleaning tips and tricks from established chefs. His passions include outdoor cooking and French and Italian inspired dishes. He has been mentored by Head Chef John Clark and Development Chef Geoff Baird through the Springboard FutureChef programme. Michael won the 2022 Northern Ireland Futurechef competition. He will share tips he’s learned from John Christoph Novelli when making this dessert, such as how to avoid burning the sugar, how to cope if the sugar starts to get too brown, the best apples to use for flavour and moisture control and the secret of a crispy pastry top! Also, the art of spinning sugar spirals.
Cooking: Caramel Apple Tarte Tatin

3 Courses

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